Britain never quiiiite makes it to the top of a Millennials bucket list, as there's always something more exciting to do... After all, those castles aren't going anywhere, right?

So we set off to show our audience Britain through the eyes of their contemporaries. The emerging culture and fun things to do that make Britain a place to visit now. Over 500 pieces of video content were woven together with an Editorial Framework for local markets to use through social... Boosting flight numbers and picking up a Webby in the process for SOCIAL TRAVEL CAMPAIGN of the YEAR.

Role - Campaign Creative Director, Content & Editorial Strategy.
Case Study - I Travel For... Webby Social Campaign of the Year

Shooting 8 stories over 3 months, we matched content ideas to a carefully constructed Editorial Framework - ensuring we not only maximised our shooting time and had the right talent, but covered the essential travel 'buckets' of food, drink, adventure, wellness and sightseeing. The result was over 500 pieces of individual content to use across their 11 global markets.
From tasting street food in Brixton with foodie-comedians Mam Sham (yes, such a thing does exist)
To multi-cultural fashion in Manchester with influencer Modest Mira
A full-on road-trip round the North with Photographer Rama Knight - for people with an Instagram bug and a love for wide open spaces
We took in the new Craft Beer Movement with Alec Doherty, designer for Partizan
And challenged perceptions about British food with Music Industry Chef and Restauranteur - Sarah Muir
And in the process, created a library of hundreds of new images for the brand to use in marketing and online.

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