iZettle are quite a cool bunch. Egalitarian Scandi's that believe in the collective power of small business.
The problem they had was trying to get people to understand not just their payment system but the huge array of time-saving business software that sat behind it. We set out to build an editorial strategy to connect them to small retailers and help them know that they weren't alone.

Role - Creative Director, Content & Editorial Strategy.
Powered by iZettle - Federal Cafe, Manchester

After building the initial content strategy, we set about creating and capturing content to work across all iZettle channels. The 'Powered by iZettle' series of films showed iZettle products in action in real environments that our audience would recognise - allowing them to understand how they could benefit.
These films provided us with assets to build social assets and sales material - And during lockdown, helped drive the 'Forever Local' campaign - a much-needed focus on local businesses trying to survive.
Other stories showed our understanding of product sourcing, stock management, rosters and customer flow all with an underlying message of creating more time for family, friends and passions. 
All the while, our copywriting and art direction on social channels was driving engagement and building a relationship with our core audience.
When iZettle wanted to connect with the Craft Beer market, we teamed up with renowned illustrator Alec Doherty (Partizan Beer labels) to create artwork for the London Beer Festival in an editorial partnership with 'It's Nice That'. The art was auctioned off and we produced promotional items for the festival to give away.
The iZettle team are still in place and helping transition the brand as ZETTLE under the new PayPal ownership. 

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