The management of an iconic brand takes a combination of safe guardianship and necessary risk-taking in order to stay at the cutting edge of culture. As part of the Danone Content Factory, we built a team in Paris to help the Evian Brand Guardians do just that... And through one of the most turbulent periods in recent history we helped deliver content that showed both the iconic status and human nature of the brand.
Role - Creative Director
Through every social post, we landed key messaging in a way which engaged and involved the audience... And the 'Stay Hydrated' summer campaign was a perfect example. This wasn't just about the brand looking cool, but also serving a human purpose. 
The team came up with social concepts that playfully presented the brand in a new way - In the process, creating some of the most engaged content of the summer.
During lockdown, the team generated content to support key workers battling COVID as well as helping the brand deliver their own amazing 'Positive Drops' campaign through social, with creative edits and graphics.
And in the day to day business of the brand we helped keep a positive message 
All the while, supporting their valuable collaborations and projects as a trusted partner.

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