Nando’s weren’t the young upstart on the block anymore... So we set off to re-boot the UK's favourite chicken dinner with a co-ordinated 'Origins' storytelling campaign of epic (Pro) portions for a new generation.

The award-winning content was created in the voice of the audience and brilliantly answered the question, 'How do you talk about your provenance stories when no-one cares about your provenance stories?'

Role - Campaign Creative Director, Content Strategy and Nando's Brand Guardian.
Case Study - How we planned the journey to 'The Source of the Sauce'
Every piece of content was meticulously laid into a publishing plan that timed releases, partnerships, even media and PR coverage. This was a considered cross-platform journey, drip-feeding information through fun programming, rather than a blanket saturation of brand-first advertising.
We went on an AWARD-WINNING road trip with Maya Jama and Seapa (aka MC Grindah from BBC's 'People Just Do Nothing) as they followed the trail of the Nando's chilli in three 7-minute episodes, from the fields of Mozambique to the first restaurant in Jo' Burg... picking up coverage in every national newspaper along the way.

We sent an unlikely Drone Geek to see if he could out-do nature in a series of challenges... with predictable consequences and over 2m organic views across YouTube and Facebook.
We created a brand film, featuring some of the best emerging dance, music and style talent from Mozambique... Telling their stories as part of the campaign through social posts, Soundclouds and playlists 
Our film had a banger of a soundtrack, created by Zulu musician Muzi and re-mixed by Hannah Wants. It was streamed over 150,000 times across Soundcloud and YouTube and still appears on mixtapes and playlists.
We made a documentary with Cultural Commentator 'King Adz' about the role of Street Art in the battle against Apartheid.
And in the process, created a new piece of art on a Soweto landmark with emerging artist Karabo Poppy Molestane, to celebrate that every Nando's is a living gallery of South African art.
In total, we created over 100 pieces of individual content to populate a cross platform journey from one two month shoot, which provided the springboard for the next year of content that followed... Plus, we just fell in love with Mozambique and Jo'Burg. Very tasty.

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