During lockdown, I helped launched the D-Studio global content factory for Danone, with 40 staff in 6 locations (Brazil, Amsterdam, Milan, Moscow, London & Paris), servicing some of their most iconic brands - with each brand needing an approach tailored to its values.

More than the management of social channels, our remit was to grow engagement by producing content with the audience at its heart - and it was a huge success, with some brands growing key channels by over 90%. Here's some examples.
Role - Creative Director
To bring home that Danone was there for hard-pressed families during lockdown, we created a weekly live-stream cooking show at school 'hometime' in partnership with Freuds. Featuring family-friendly influencers with children of their own, the show was designed for kids to take over the kitchen while the adults got a breather, each show streamed 250-400k viewers

Frankie Bridge cooks Coronation Chicken Skewers (Excerpt)
We helped drive engagement for Evian, creating ownable cultural moments for the brand that had personal relevance for the audience. Our work on the 'Summer of Hydration' helped people understand the importance of hydration and involved them in the conversation.
We created eye catching animation, there was even a hydration face filter. Everything to make you stop & take a sip!
Activia is one of the easiest ways to make sure you get the good bacteria you need in your belly. BUT, it's not just about being good, they also want people to know it tastes good and how versatile it is. So, we looked to the culture of the internet - to cooking formats and on-trend gut-health recipes to find fun ways to land their messaging in the native formats of Insta. In a single shoot we produced 35 delicious looking recipes.
We even looked at social food trends such as Mukbangs and Sneaker Unboxing videos to find unusual ways to cut through - and potentially reach new audiences.
Sadly unavailable in the UK, Danette is Europe's mainstay guilty pleasure. It's great, I've tried it. Our approach to the brand was naturally playful and full of 'I told you so... we know you want it-ness' with smeary, messy, dippy recipes that didn't need a special occasion.
To drive engagement we challenged people to get involved - picking your oddest combination was a fun one (Bacon?!) and cultural moments allowed a chance to hack conversations - Our April Fools Pizza flavour launch gained national press attention!
Our role went beyond finding news ways to deliver the existing brand, into developing and landing whole new personalities. Oikos wanted to challenge the traditional 'Greek columns/adonis' perception of the sector - Into something much more fun, disruptive and cheekily self-indulgent... So we found ways to bring that to life in culture.

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