Let's face it, who wants to be the person that constantly says 'Let's talk about me'? EDUTAINMENT is all about being interesting to your audiences rather than just talking about yourself and I'm a big believer in it.

Often episodic, Edutainment creates the buzz and appointment to view of a TV show... But that's not to say it can't land a message. All of these examples I've been involved with, have far exceeded the campaign metrics in terms of ROI.

Role - Creative Director, Director (The Table)
Nando's First Heat - Episode 1 (of 3)
We went on an AWARD-WINNING road trip with Maya Jama and Seapa (aka MC Grindah from BBC's 'People Just Do Nothing) as they followed the trail of the Nando's chilli in three 7-minute episodes, from the fields of Mozambique to the first restaurant in Jo' Burg...
Challenge - Do you know where Nando's is from? Watch and see if you can find out.
M&S - The Table
 Take two chefs and one ingredient, then create a menu for some of Britain's toughest food bloggers and critics. Part road-trip, part Masterchef reality show, this Innovative food challenge produced in association with Mindshare and Guardian Food gained 2m views in first weekend.
Challenge - Did you know that M&S is the only Clementine guaranteed with no pips? Watch and see how.
Nando's - Street Art Stories
 Nando's wanted to talk about their proud connection with emerging artists and street art in South Africa, but first, wanted to talk about why they felt it was important. We worked with ex-Jo'Burg resident, street artist and culture commentator 'King Adz' to product a hard-hitting and informative documentary on the role of street art in the battle against Apartheid.
Ballantine's - Stay True Cities, Tel Aviv
There are unmistakable music and style trends that are born from the truth of great cities. From Sao Paulo to Tel Aviv, Glasgow to Soweto, these often unexpected ideas take hold and grow. Ballantine's wanted to celebrate these incredible cultural movements as part of their 'Stay True' music series and we came up with a concept which could be franchised and produced by local markets - filming the first 3 episodes as a pilot.
EPISODE 3 - TEL AVIV , the 'most gayest, liberated city in the Middle East', told through the eyes of  Performance artist Uriel Yakutiel
Chelsea FC/Champions League - From Stamford Bridge to Camp Nou
Chelsea wanted to establish themselves beyond the traditional football crowd - So we developed a concept that would allow them to talk about an aspect of the 'away game' experience that didn't focus on the football, and that allowed audiences to see the game through new eyes. 
We challenged two travel bloggers to drive from Stamford Bridge to Barcelona in just three days, to arrive in time for the Champions League game. It was journey that took them to Paris, over the alps and through Andorra and they documented it the whole way on their own channels, to their non-football audience. We followed and by editing on the road, had a final film ready in time for kick off as they arrived.
This is the case study film.

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